Goodenough College

Students studying with Oxford Royale Academy in London this summer will live and learn in the beautiful and historic surroundings of Goodenough College. Its unusual name derives from the surname of its co-founder, the Chairman of Barclays Bank Frederick Craufurd Goodenough.


The college was founded in 1930 for the purposes of providing accommodation for young men from the colonies of the British Empire who were coming to study in London. The aim of the founders went beyond merely giving them a place to live; they wished to create a collegiate community in the style of Oxford and Cambridge colleges, where students would form friendships, share ideas and support each others’ ambitions in a tolerant and encouraging environment.


It was a clear success, and past Goodenough College alumni have included the President of South Africa Frederik Willem de Klerk, who was awarded the Nobel Prize alongside Nelson Mandela for his role in bringing an end to apartheid; the Prime Minister of New Zealand Dr Helen Clark; and the current First Minister of Wales, Carwyn Jones. This is a particularly remarkable list given that Goodenough College is still less than a hundred years old.


The college is located in central London on Mecklenburgh Square, near to King’s Cross railway station for easy access from the Eurostar. It is a historic area of London; the entire square is Grade II listed, and part of the Goodenough College buildings occupy a space that was once the home of the writer Virginia Woolf. Though in the heart of London, just a short distance from the British Library, the British Museum and St Paul’s Cathedral, Mecklenburgh Square is a quiet and peaceful garden square.


Student bedrooms at Goodenough College are all newly refurbished, and have a range of options including en suite and shared bathrooms, and single and twin rooms. All students will be kept separate by gender.