Hone your entrepreneurial skills in one of the world’s most commercially vibrant cities


- Learn what it takes to run a successful business

- Understand the economic principles that underpin the business world

- Gain presentation and leadership skills

- Create, pitch and market a new business idea


The Oxford Royale Academy Business and Enterprise Programme is designed to equip you with all the skills you need to succeed as an entrepreneur in the modern business world.

On this course, you’ll learn the theoretical economic background that shapes the marketplace in which your business might operate, including learning about potential economic shocks and how to keep them from putting you out of business. Building on this macro level, you’ll learn how individual businesses are run, covering the managerial skills needed to be an inspiring and trustworthy director, in whose business investors will be happy to place their confidence. You will cover a diverse range of topics relevant to business, from marketing to finance, and from business ethics to human resources.



In practical skills workshops, you’ll work both collaboratively and competitively in order to come up with your own business idea in a group, which you will ultimately present to your fellow students at an Enterprise Fair, demonstrating the skills that you have learned. You’ll have worked through the challenges that your product might face in getting to market, have figured out your target customers, and decided how best to market the product to them. In short, you’ll understand the routes different entrepreneurs take to achieve success.



You’ll study all of the above in the inspiring surroundings of London, with the skyscrapers of the City just a stone’s throw away. Outside of lessons, alongside a full extracurricular programme, two coach trips give you the chance to see more of the famous sights of London and beyond.