Inspiring and engaging summer courses for students aged 16-18

Oxford Royale Academy’s London summer school offers a wide variety of courses that will educate and inspire students aged 16 to 18. They cover English as a foreign language, and preparation for university across subjects from Architecture to Enterprise. Browse below to find the course that’s right for you.


Summer 16-18

Business and Enterprise Programme

Hone your entrepreneurial skills in one of the world’s most commercially vibrant cities

  • Learn what it takes to run a successful business

  • Understand the economic principles that underpin the business world

  • Gain presentation and leadership skills

  • Create, pitch and market a new business idea

Summer 16-18

Engineering Preparation

Gain the skills needed for your future career as an engineer

  • Discover what the study of Engineering at university entails

  • Practise for entrance examinations and write your own personal statement

  • Understand the theoretical basis of Engineering

  • Create technical solutions to Engineering problems

Summer 16-18

Medical School Preparation

Learn about the medical school application process while gaining valuable skills

  • Learn about careers in Medicine

  • Write your personal statement and practise for entrance exams

  • Find out how to give great answers at interview

  • Workshops on practical skills such as cannulation and stethoscope use

Summer 16-18

IELTS Preparation

Get ready for the IELTS examination with our expert teachers

  • Improve your score for the IELTS examination

  • Learn from highly experienced teachers

  • Get to grips with formal, academic English

  • Study alongside students from all over the world


Summer 16-18

Computer Science Programme

Learn three programming languages and build your own interactive website

  • Get to know the theoretical underpinning of Computer Science

  • Learn to write HTML, CSS and Python

  • Understand how computer systems analyse data

  • Continue your studies after the summer with a free follow-up online course


Summer 16-18

Summer Architecture Programme

Gain an introduction to architecture in the perfect setting

  • Discover the principles of design and architecture

  • Learn technical skills such as mapping and spatial planning

  • Develop a design portfolio

  • Find out more about careers in architecture

Summer 16-18

Global Leadership Programme

Learn how to become a leader of tomorrow

  • Focus on key issues faced by global leaders today

  • Gain debating and public speaking skills

  • Explore the leadership styles of a variety of world leaders today

  • Discuss current affairs with students from all over the world

Summer 16-18

Law School Preparation

Discover what law school will teach you, and gain an insight into the application process

  • Get to know the key topics covered in a Law degree

  • Practise the LNAT and write your own personal statement

  • Learn to master a Law school interview

  • Visit a real-life criminal trial

Summer 16-18

London Summer English for 16-18 years 

Hone your English language skills in ideal surroundings

  • Study our English as a Foreign Language programme developed by experts

  • Develop your skills in classes of no more than 12

  • Learn alongside students from all over the world

  • Enjoy learning with debates, quizzes and interactive activities