Gain the skills needed for your future career as an engineer


- Discover what the study of Engineering at university entails

- Practise for entrance examinations and write your own personal statement

- Understand the theoretical basis of Engineering

- Create technical solutions to Engineering problems


Engineering silently underpins a huge amount of our daily lives, from the electrical engineering that keeps our houses heated to the civil engineering that supports our transport infrastructure. Oxford Royale Academy’s Engineering Preparation course equips you with everything you need to know to study this vital subject at university level. The course begins by covering Engineering in theory and practice, understanding the roots of the subject and how it is studied.

Students will then move on to considering the different types of Engineering, such as mechanical, chemical, electrical and civil engineering, and looking at what focus might suit them best in a university course. This will enable you to decide which university among the plethora of options might be your best destination to study the subject. You’ll also get guidance on the kind of careers that you might be able to have following your degree. If you’re trying to decide whether Engineering is the right degree course for you, this programme can help you work through your options.


You will be supported in practising for entrance examinations and writing your all-important personal statement for UCAS applications. Our expert teachers, who are all qualified at least to Master’s level, can help you work out where any gaps or flaws in your overall application might lie, and how you can fix them. You’ll get advice on the kind of questions you might be asked at interview, and how best to engage with them.




Alongside studying, all Oxford Royale Academy programmes include exciting extra-curricular activities such as archery and meeting birds of prey, glamorous parties in exclusive locations, and coach trips to the UK’s most fascinating and historic destinations. This gives you a chance to meet and make friends with fellow students from all over the world.