Learn how to become a leader of tomorrow


- Focus on key issues faced by global leaders today

- Gain debating and public speaking skills

- Explore the leadership styles of a variety of world leaders today

- Discuss current affairs with students from all over the world


London is one of the world’s most global, inter-connected cities, so where better to study Oxford Royale Academy’s Global Leadership Programme? On this two-week course, you’ll have more than 40 hours of teaching covering the skills needed for leadership, alongside a lively discussion of politics and current affairs across the world.

Oxford Royale Academy is well known for attracting students from all across the world. In 2016, students of 28 different nationalities studied the Global Leadership Programme, making for excellent discussions that represented a huge variety of different experiences and perspectives.


While all Oxford Royale Academy programmes prioritise debate and discussion as key means of learning, this is particularly important on the Global Leadership Programme, where you will be taught to express and defend your own opinion, while also respectfully and persuasively responding to the opinions of others. Issues you might discuss range from how the world will look in twenty years’ time, to the ideal personality for a leader, to the impact of globalisation on cultures around the world. Students are also encouraged to raise their own preferred topics for discussion, and classes are inevitably influenced by what’s happening in the news that week.


This programme combines politics and international relations with all the practical skills of leadership, including how to have a formal debate and how to make a speech. You’ll also have the opportunity to visit sites of political and historical interest in London, to see where some of the issues you’ll debate in class have been decided.