Get ready for the IELTS examination with our expert teachers


- Improve your score for the IELTS examination

- Learn from highly experienced teachers

- Get to grips with formal, academic English

- Study alongside students from all over the world


The IELTS examination is the preferred exam for a host of institutions. It is recognised by the British government and almost all universities in English-speaking countries. If you are a student wishing to demonstrate your level of English, this makes IELTS one of the best examination to take.

During this two-week course, you will spend 40 hours learning from teachers qualified to exacting British Council standards exactly what is required of you to gain a high mark in IELTS. This will cover speaking, reading, writing and listening skills. You will also engage extensively in the content and style of the exam itself, including using past papers and mini-tests. The aim of the course is to make you highly familiar and comfortable with every aspect of the IELTS examination.


A key advantage of studying with Oxford Royale Academy’s London summer school is that you will be studying alongside students from all over the world. Last year, students from 108 different countries attended an ORA summer school course. This means that when you study and when you socialise, you’ll be alongside friends from all over the world, using English as a lingua franca. If your main exposure to English has been in the classroom, this immersion can make a big difference in your understanding of and level of comfort with the language.


Finally, alongside a busy programme of events, parties and extra-curricular activities, every Oxford Royale Academy London course includes two coach trips to exciting destinations, both inside and beyond Britain’s vibrant capital city. These are taken with students studying other courses. This means they represent not only an opportunity to be inspired by British history and culture, but also to get to know students from different countries and cultures, and to learn from them as well. This is all through the medium of English, so you’ll keep learning and adding to your skills outside of the classroom as well.