Discover what law school will teach you, and gain an insight into the application process


- Get to know the key topics covered in a Law degree

- Practise the LNAT and write your own personal statement

- Learn to master a Law school interview

- Visit a real-life criminal trial


In Oxford Royale Academy’s Law School Preparation course, you’ll learn everything you’ll want to know about Law school and how to get a place there. Whether you’ve been set on becoming a barrister since primary school, or you still haven’t decided if a career in Law is right for you, this course can help you understand both the contents of a Law degree and how to get a place at a top university to study it.

On the academic side of the programme, there are a series of sessions in which you’ll learn about and then debate a particular point of Law - for instance, you might consider what constitutes a contract, or the difference between mens rea and actus reus in criminal law. You’ll look at the ethical and philosophical underpinnings of Law at the same time.



This content feeds into the more practical side of the programme, in which you learn about what’s required of you when you apply to Law school. Classroom debates will help furnish you with ideas for the kind of things you might discuss at interview, and this will also be an opportunity to gather material for the legal essays that you will be taught how to write.



You’ll learn how to answer questions on the LNAT, and be given past paper practice to familiarise yourself thoroughly with this vital test. You’ll also write a personal statement for your UCAS application. All teachers on the Law School Preparation programme are Law graduates educated at least to Masters level, so they will be happy to advise you not only on university admission, but also on your subsequent career prospects and how to maximise them with legal internships.