Learn about the medical school application process while gaining valuable skills


- Learn about careers in Medicine
- Write your personal statement and practise for entrance exams
- Find out how to give great answers at interview
- Workshops on practical skills such as cannulation and stethoscope use


Applying for Medicine is famously one of the most competitive and challenging processes in the British university application system. Alongside top marks, you need a great personal statement, a strong interview, high scores on the BMAT or UKCAT tests, and work experience. On Oxford Royale Academy’s Medical School Preparation programme, you’ll learn exactly what’s required to get into British medical schools, and what you can do in order to make the grade.


The course covers everything you’ll need to know about the application process. You’ll learn about the UK’s different medical schools, with a particular focus on Oxford and Cambridge, in order to work out which ones might be right for you. You’ll be guided by medical school graduates to write your own personal statement for UCAS applications, and any gaps in your application will be highlighted, so that you can address them before the submission deadline. You’ll also practise the BMAT and other medical school entrance examinations so that you can get the marks you need to become a doctor.


Beyond the application process, the programme looks at the reality of life as a medical student and then as a qualified doctor. One of the most exciting parts of the programme is the opportunity to do workshops on practical skills - you might learn how to sew up a wound or examine someone’s eyes. If you’re not sure about whether Medicine is right for you, this part of the programme should help you to decide.




Outside the classroom, you’ll have the opportunity to see the sights of London, take part in fun extracurricular activities and attend glamorous parties with fellow students from all over the world.