The outstanding quality of the teaching provided by Oxford Royale Academy would not be possible without our excellent staff. All our academic staff are qualified at least to Master’s level, and all of our EFL staff are qualified according to British Council standards. A high proportion of our staff are graduates of the universities of Oxford and Cambridge, and some are current tutors there as well.


Our particular approach to teaching is one of the factors that makes Oxford Royale Academy a unique summer school experience. We avoid rote learning and regurgitation of facts wherever possible, and instead base our teaching styles on those experienced in Oxford tutorials.

In our classes, student contributions are highly valued; we believe that students learn best when they can advance their own opinions in a spirit of open discussion. Students learn not only to put forward their own points of view, but to listen to and challenge the points of view of others, learning from the diverse perspectives typically represented in an Oxford Royale Academy classroom. This leads students to grow not only in understanding but also in confidence.




With such a diverse group of students - 108 nationalities were represented on Oxford Royale Academy courses last year - classes inevitably represent a variety of levels of understanding and ability in the relevant subjects. Our teachers are trained to differentiate activities so that all students can be fully involved and engaged.


One consequence of this approach, and of our teaching style generally, is that students are taught content in most subjects that they would not usually have encountered in their school teaching. Content is often derived from the typical syllabus of a first-year university course in that subject. This means that students will not repeat material that they have learned in school, and will be introduced to the possibilities of what they might learn as undergraduates in their chosen subject.